May 24th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Swimming Pool Games

Everyone knows about Marco Polo when it comes to swimming pool games, but if you’re tired of the same game, why not try something new? We have some fun games for you to try out this summer!

  • Freeze Tag: Pick one person to be ‘it.’ This person will go and tag as many people as they can. When others get tagged, they have to remain frozen until an unfrozen person swims through their legs underwater. ‘It’ must get everyone in the pool frozen before they can pass the torch.
  • Pool Tag Survivor: You need at least 4 players for this game. One person is chosen as ‘it.’ The remaining players are either a dolphin, frog, or submarine. The dolphins can only swim above water. Frogs must swim in the middle (between above water and underwater). Submarines must swim underwater. ‘It’ closes their eyes and calls out dolphin, frog, or submarine. Whichever they call, that person must try to swim to the other side of the pool without being tagged. When they reach the end they have to yell “Survivor!”
  • Coin Madness: Players drop coins or objects that sink into the water. On the count of three, everyone jumps in and tries to get as many coins as they can. The one with the most coins wins.
  • Handstand Races: Players must race from one side to the other on the hands! First one there and back wins.
  • Relay Races: Split up into teams. First team to successfully get all players from one side to the other wins.