April 30th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Is it Safe to Pee in the Pool?

Most people admit to having peed in a swimming pool at least once. I haven’t, that I can remember anyway, but most people have. Even Olympic swimmers admit to doing it, like Michael Phelps.

Sadly there’s nothing you can put in your swimming pool that turns dark blue when someone pees, like Grown Ups would have you believe. But that doesn’t mean you should do ┬áit.

Ernest Blatchley III, a professor in Purdue’s school of Civil Engineering, worked with colleagues from the China Agricultural University recently published a study showing that peeing in the pool can produce toxic byproducts.

Uric acid, a major component in urine that’s also found in sweat, creates cyanogen chloride and trichloramine when it interacts with chlorine.

Both of the byproducts are known to have a detrimental effect in lung health. The concentration of the products is normally low, but when it’s high it can cause acute illnesses or chronic problems.

Blatchey hopes the study findings will encourage everyone to stop peeing in the pool. He recommends that swimmers shower before swimming, and leave the pool to pee.

To read the published results click here. And please stop peeing in the pool if you haven’t already.

No PEE in Pool