April 4th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Recreational Water Illnesses

Recreational water illnesses, or RWIs, are caused by coming in contact with contaminated water whether it’s by swallowing, breathing in mists, or aerosols.

The water can come from several sources, including swimming pools, hot tubs, water parks, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Recreational water illnesses can also be caused by chemicals in the water or that evaporate from the water.

RWIs can cause a variety of infections, including gastrointestinal, skin, eye, respiratory, and much, much more.

Chlorine kills the germs that cause RWIs, but it may not destroy them before you catch it. It takes different amounts of time to kill each germ, which is why it’s essential the germs don’t go in in the first place.

The people most at risk for catching a recreational water illness are those with weakened immune systems. People like children and pregnant women.

To help keep your pool free of recreational water illnesses:

  • Don’t swim when you have diarrhea
  • Shower with soap before a swim
  • Take a bathroom break every hour
  • Use basic hygiene

Recreational water illnesses are a serious problem, but they are preventable. Check out PoguePoolSpa.com for more informative blogs.

Recreational Water Illnesses