January 27th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Project Rainmaker Brings Water to Africa

Project41′s director, Andy Pierce, came up with Project Rainmaker. According to their website, “Project41 develops tools that empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.”

While volunteering in Haiti, Pierce saw a small hand pump ¬†drawing about 5 gallons a minute from a rain-capture system. Brainstorming and researching, he saw people utilizing a bike to power a centrifugal pump. Eventually, he rigged a pedal-powered pool pump that delivered about 50 gallons a minute to the health center in Uganda where it was installed. That’s when it was decided Project Rainmaker could also be used for agricultural purposes.

Project Rainmaker is a human-powered irrigation that draws water from a nearby source via a pool pump powered by someone pedaling a free-standing bicycle.As arduous as it sounds, it’s better than transporting water by the bucketful from a river to the crops.

Check out Project41′s website¬†for more information on this incredible irrigation project.