August 9th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

PoolRx Mineral Sanitizer

Just like an RX prescription, PoolRx is a prescription for your pool to keep your pool clean and clear! The amazing formula reduces chemicals, eliminates all algae, and is ideal for salt water swimming pools. It is the #1 choice of pool professionals and has proven to be the go to product for your pool.

PoolRx contains a proprietary blend of materials that continuously and effectively eliminate algae for up to 6 months. It has a specially treated alloy cylinder that is packed with minerals that immediately dissolve to form a stable residual in the water. These minerals eliminate algae and free up low levels of chlorine to be more productive in the water. Minerals are rejuvenated during the filtration process as they return and pass through the cylinder. PoolRx works synergistically with a residential and commercial pool.

PoolRx is the perfect prescription for salt water pools. It improves the salt water experience by using minerals to reduce the salt chlorine production need to keep your salt pool sanitized and algae free. Smaller amounts of salt chlorine production in your pool create a longer the life of the salt cell. This also helps to reduce the amount of acid needed to balance your pools pH. With PoolRx, you are able to prolong the life of your equipment, save money, and also improve the quality of your water.

PoolRx in an incredible product that keeps your pool sparkling clean and that helps to save you money. PoolRx use a patented chelating method to bond the minerals on a molecular level and protect them from falling out of solution due to possible fluctuations in the pH. It is the only eco-friendly solution that simplifies pool care. It also dramatically reduces chemical usage and lowers your overall maintenance costs.

Even if you have a green pool, you don’t have to clean it before using PoolRx. PoolRx is the most effective algaecide on the market and will eliminate all types of algae just by adding the minerals and maintaining low chlorine residual. They are not toxic minerals and are even certified to meet drinking water standards. The PoolRx alloy cylinder unit even lasts for a whole year. The only requirement is that minerals are refreshed after 6 months for year-round pools.

One PoolRx unit per season plus 1-2 chlorine tabs a week eliminates the need for all those other pricey and confusing chemicals, which reduces your costs by up to 70%! It is a game changer in the pool industry and one that you definitely need to try out! You are also able to have more free time because you spend less time cleaning your pool, checking levels, putting in the correct chemicals, compensating for chemicals that you mess up on, and trying to decipher the crazy instructions on the bottles. The best part? Healthier water. You get crystal clear pools with fewer chemicals, reduced power consumption, and extended equipment life.

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