January 1st, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Pool Perfect PhosFree Pool Chemical

This is Austin. We’re looking at Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect Plus
PhosFree today. What this is going to contain is a broad spectrum of
enzymes that leaves your water leaving silky and soft, as well as
eliminating organic stains and surface oils that you may have in your pool.

Before using this, you’re going to want to test your levels and make sure
that your chlorine is under 5 parts per million and your phosphate level is
under 100. Maintenance is very easy in this; you’re just going to shake the
bottle and pour out 1 capful. It’s going to treat 8,000 gallons of water,
and you can pour it directly into the skimmer. You can sit back and watch
your water quality improve and enjoy it. Thanks.