Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting is one of the most overlooked parts for any pool & spa.  It gives the pool a look of great grandeur or a homely look.  Pogue Pool & Spa has all the great pool lighting available at great prices with all the best brands in the pool & spa industry.  Pool lighting is usually one of the last things people look for when installing any sized pool and spa but it is also a very hard decision to make.  Do you want different colors, do you want it coming off and on or always staying on, where do you want the lights put in the pool.  The look of your pool is almost just as important as how it runs.  When maintaining your pool it is important to maintain the look of the pool as well because lighting is also a safety feature.  When using your pool at night the lights are very important so that no one gets hurt.  You want your pool very well lighted at night for safety.


Pool lights are pretty easy to install.  Once you pick the colors you want you need to pick the brands you want.  There are luckily many great options with good brand names.  There are Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy lights just to name a few.  Those brands have been known for their quality and great prices so you know you are getting a good deal.  Lights are supposed to be powerful, durable and rechargeable so it makes it very easy to maintain them and easy to install each light.


Whether you are entertaining some friends or just want to enjoy your pool or spa with your family the lighting will set the tone for each pool.  Make sure you pick the right lights with the right brand names.  Visit Pogue Pool & Spa today to pick up your pool lighting and get great deals every time.  We will make sure you pick the right lights for your pool or spa to make you and your family safe and happy.

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