April 22nd, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Nile Swimmers

According to their website, “the Nile swimmers¬†initiative is a unique and innovative program aimed at reducing rates of drowning on the River Nile and the surrounding areas.”

In Africa, and other developing nations, water is a great life giver with villages being built near sources of water. But it’s also a great life taker. There are approximately 1 million drownings a year in developing countries. That’s about 96% of fatal drownings worldwide!

The Nile Swimmers organization is working to reduce this number through training, research, partnerships, and providing a perspective from low-income countries.

The Project “focuses on developing the water safety skills and knowledge of community leaders.” With the leaders being educated, they can pass on the knowledge to their communities. Which greatly increases the people’s water safety knowledge as a whole.

Nile Swimmers is a small charity that relies on grants and donations. To find out more about this incredible organization head over to their website, www.nileswimmers.org.


Nile Swimmers