December 17th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

M-3000 Rola-Chem Pool Sentry

The M-3000 Rola-Chem Pool Sentry is a great way to maintain water levels automatically, no attendance needed. It works on pools, spas, and ponds, and is the no-hassle way to maintain or fill your pool. The Pool Sentry is completely portable and ideal for rental or vacation homes and for use while on vacation.

Pool Sentry is easy to use. When taken out of the box, the fill tube needs to be threaded into the float valve. Then you snap the fill tube and float valve into the base and fill the base with small rocks or pea gravel. Next, snap the top cover onto the base and attach your hose. Finally, adjust the float to the desired position.

While the pool sentry is in the water, the supply water stays on/ As soon as the float drops, the supply water starts. Once the float reaches the desired height, the water shuts off.

It is recommended to use a heavy duty reinforced hose because the water is under constant water pressure.

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M-3000 Rola-Chem Pool Sentry