April 28th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Is There a Lifeguard on a Cruise?

Earlier this year, a boy passed away on a cruise ship. The incident occurred aboard the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship. The boy who drowned and his brother were pulled from a swimming pool. Nearby passengers performed CPR until a nurse and medic arrived. There were no lifeguards around.

According to one of the passengers; there were no lifeguards, none of the knew CPR, and no one tried to help. I wasn’t that surprised that none of the staff knew CPR as many people don’t. But I was surprised at there being no lifeguard.

In early April my husband and I went on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary and finally take a honeymoon. Our cruise ship was the Carnival Triumph and it was incredible!

The staff provided the best customer service i have ever received and there was everything you could need to relax aboard. There was a theater, casino, multiple bars, night club, art gallery; you name it. they had it. They even had not one, but two pools; and four hot tubs.

Working in the pool industry has made me more aware of the importance of water safety. And despite there being two pools and four hot tubs, there were no lifeguards around.

It was a fact that was made even more obvious reading about the child who drowned. I did some research, and found that cruise ships aren’t required to have a lifeguard on board.

A fact that makes no sense to me! Why aren’t cruise ships required to have them? It’s definitely strange that an attraction marketed for being on the water has no one trained to handle emergencies in the water.

To read one of the articles regarding the child drowning aboard the Norwegian Breakaway click here. And please tell me, do you think cruise ships should be required by law to have a lifeguard on duty? Why or why not?

No Lifeguard On Duty