June 5th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Leisure Time Boost Non-chlorine Shock Oxidizer

Leisure Time has come up with the Free Sanitizing system, it sanitizes without the use of chlorine or bromine. The second step in the system is Boost, a non-chlorine shock oxidizer.

Boost is specially formulated to break down oils, lotions, and other organic materials floating around in your spa. It is 7.5% hydrogen peroxide.

This product, improves filtration, while it helps keep your spa water looking clean and clear!

When you first use Boost:

  1. Add 3 oz per 150 gallons, make sure to wipe any excess product off the bottle
  2. Circulate water with the jets on  a minimum of 15 minutes before adding another product

For the weekly maintenance dose you do the same thing, but you can add between 1.5-3 oz depends on how much the spa is used.

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Leisure Time Boost™ non-chlorine shock oxidizer