May 15th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

Most of my blogs this month have revolved around water safety since it’s National Water Safety Month. However, I have yet to do one on keeping your dog safe in the water. they may be able to swim, but that doesn’t mean tragedy can’t strike; it’s best to be prepared.

An article on the Monroe Monitor & Valley News Website talks about steps you can take to keep your dog safe in water. Steps include:

  • Wearing a life vest – Yes they make them for dogs. It can help save their life when they get tired, or if currents are too strong for them to swim.
  • Never leave your dog unsupervised
  • Pool ladders – If you have a pool at home, install a dog ladder to help them get out on their own.
  • Apply sunscreen – Dogs can get sunburned as well.
  • Rinse him/her off after swimming – Chlorine, sweat, and bacteria can affect them as they would you. Take off the collar to let that area dry as well.
  • Keep freshwater handy for your dog to drink

The purpose of National Water Safety Month is to raise the public’s awareness on what to do around water to help keep everyone safe, including our beloved pets.

I’d invest in a life jacket for my cat, but I honestly think she’d scratch me if I ever put her near the water. For more water safety blogs, check out

 Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water