April 3rd, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

IntelliBrite Color-Changing Light

What’s better than a white light?? A color-changing light!!! Like Pentair’s IntelliBrite Color-Changing Light. I would so have this light in my pool! If I had a pool…

The fact that the IntelliBrite Color-changing light is awesome.What makes it even cooler is that it consists of individual colored LEDs that are mixed and matched to create a variety of color. The combinations are powered sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different color orders. Awesome!

Additional features include:

  • A reflector design that directs light towards the bottom of the pool to intensify the light and color, while minimizing glare.
  • Lens geometry that helps distribute the light more evenly.
  • A lens that can be rotated 180 degrees to go from a narrow to wide beam pattern.
  • Energy efficiency, the IntelliBrite Color-changing light uses up to 50% less energy than other competitors’.
  • You can select one of 5 colors: red, blue, green, magenta, white, or red; or one of 7 “color shows.”
  • it is designed to work with IntelliTouch andEasyTouch control systems.
  • And they are backwards compatible with first generation InelliBrite lights.

Contact the pros at PoguePoolSpa.com to find out more about these gorgeous lights.

IntelliBrite Color-Changing Light