January 6th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Hunter Industries

With the new expansion of pond and irrigation products to the PoguePoolSpa Family, I wanted to introduce some of the companies we will be working with. The first one is Hunter Industries.

Hunter Industries is a family-owned global company that provides high quality, efficient solutions for the irrigation, outdoor lighting, and custom molding industries. Their diversity in products stretches form residential landscapes to stadiums to national landmarks, theme parks, hotels, and more around the world. Their headquarters are in San Marcos, California, and have been there since 1981. They are a market leader in producing and marketing a full range of water-efficient, easy-to-use irrigation solutions for all areas, including residential, commercial, and golf course applications.

They began their business aiming to produce products that allow irrigation professionals to create solutions that use as little water and energy as possible to achieve their goals. They are also known as a leader in outstanding customer service, product training, and technical support in all of their business segments and they are committed to growing and improving all areas of their business from technology to quality to customer service in every product and project they commit to.

We at PoguePoolSpa are proud to add Hunter Industries to our list of manufacturers, and hope you will be happy with the products we have to offer from them.

Hunter Industries