September 9th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Hair ReNew

I have previously expressed my concerns with hair care because of my position as a cosmetologist. Having some fun in the sun is great, but you must remember to take care of your hair and skin!

Natural Chemistry created a unique blend of enzymes that eliminate and permanently prevent non-living contaminant buildup. This SmartZyme technology binds to non-living organic contaminants and reduces them to smaller and smaller parts until they are oxidized by the sanitizer or reduced to water and air. They have now created their own hair product to help protect your hair from the chemicals that come with swimming.

Hair ReNew is a gentle hair neutralizer that cleans and conditions your hair, ridding it of the harsh pool chemicals that are left on your hair after swimming. Many blondes experience what is known as ‘green hair.’ This is when the chemicals turn your blonde from beautiful blonde to a terrible green. With Hair ReNew you can prevent the chance of getting green hair while smoothing and conditioning your hair with organic aloe vera and panthenol. It also moisturizes and details your hair, restoring the softness after you swim and instantly neutralizes the chlorine and other harsh chemicals without even having to rinse. If you don’t have time to fully wash your hair, Hair ReNew is a great option for you.

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