July 24th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Hair Care

I am a hair stylist, so one of the most important things I think about when I am out in the sun is my hair. You can definitely care for your hair without it being too high maintenance. You have to remember that your pool and spa contain chemicals to help keep the water safe, but they are hard on your hair. Even just laying out by the pool or lake is hard on your hair because of the sun’s rays—especially if you have color treated or damaged hair. Here are some easy hair care tips while enjoying the sun:

  1. Wash your hair. As soon as you are done with your day in the sun, the first priority should be to get your hair washed to get all the chemicals and salt out of your hair. If you don’t have time for a full shampoo, at least rinse your hair with water to clear it out until you can get to a shampoo.
  2. Comb, not brush. The pool is famous for causing tangled hair, especially after you play water volleyball or are out at the lake tubing and enjoying water sports. Instead of reaching for your brush, grab a wide toothed comb or pick to gently pull out those tangles. Even better, spray in some detangler to help loosen up the tangles without causing breakage to your hair. The chemicals and salt in the water cause your hair to be more fragile which leads to easy breakage.
  3. SPF for your hair. Have color treated hair? It is important to protect that color to prevent fading and help it last longer during the summertime. Paul Mitchell has come out with a new sun line that is like SPF for your hair and smells like summer. They have a sun shield to spray in while you are out at the pool and a restoring shampoo and conditioner for after you have been out in the sun.

Don’t want to worry about the damage from the sun? Invest in a pool cap that is colored so that it prevents the sun and water from touching your hair. For other pool and spa tips, check out PoguePoolSpa.com