February 11th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone

Rainbows are meant to be savored as they’re rarely seen for long. However, Yellowstone National Park has a permanent rainbow for all to see. It was first discovered in 1871 by the Hayden Expedition and named: Grand Prismatic Spring. The expedition named it because of its colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, red and brown. It’s the largest hot spring in the U.S. and the third largest in the world.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is caused by hot water rising to the surface as it cools and being replaced by hotter water from underneath. The colors of the Spring are caused by thermophilic bacteria living in the spring. The best part is that it’s pretty!

Unfortunately you can’t swim in the spring, it can cause third degree burns and even death! But you can always look at the pretty colors and take pictures of it.

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Grand Prismatic Spring

Photo by: David Mencin