May 20th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Fiberstars WPC-1 Control System

Running your pump on a timer makes things a lot easier. The WPC-1 Fiberstars Wireless Pool Controller lets you run your pool pump with a regular time clock. It also has additional circuits for wireless lighting switching.

Features of the WPC-1 include:

  • 3 position
  • On/Off/Auto
  • Rated for 1.5 HP – 120VAC, 3 HP – 240VAC
  • Each light circuit is 8amp – 120VAC
  • Manual override switches on the light circuits
  • 75′ operating range
  • Also has a 10′ extension antenna
  • Direct light hookup to the control box
  • GFCI knockout
  • Water resistant transmitter with a wall cradle

For more information on the WPC-1 Fiberstars Wireless Pool Control System or any other control system, contact the pros at

Fiberstars WPC-1