January 10th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Crocodiles in a Swimming Pool

So awhile back, there was a news story about an alligator being found in a hot tub in Florida (check out our blog on it here). Recently, baby crocodiles were found at Mount Isa Aquatics Centre in Queensland, Australia.

A man was swimming in the pool when he spotted the crocodiles. He alerted the staff, and 5 baby crocodiles were found swimming. Later on, another 4 were found.

The parents weren’t found nearby, so the pool manager suspects they were placed there as a prank. Sadly one of the babies died, but the rest are doing just fine. They’re being held in a turtle tank until they’re released.

Oddly enough, crocodiles have been found nearby before. Three years ago a crocodile was found on grass nearby that measured almost 5 feet.

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crocodiles in the pool

Bernadette Rodriguez