April 29th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

Cats and Swimming Pools

I am a cat lover, my kitty’s name is Star. She’s a sweetheart when she wants to be and ignores everyone else the rest of the time. You know, a typical cat.

And as a concerned cat owner, I want to know what to do if my cat ever goes into a pool. Or if someone decides to be mean to her and throw her in.

Here’s some tips to help keep you keep your kitty safe around the pool:

  • Do not let your cat drink the pool water. The chemicals can make your cat sick.
  • Carefully clean and dry your cat’s ears with soft cotton balls after a swim. This helps reduce the risk of an ear infection.
  • Install a product designed to help animals get out of the pool. It’s hard for them to get our if the water level is low or the edge goes in.
  • Install a sturdy pool cover that fits properly. A cat can easily slip into the water between the side of the pool and the cover’s edge.

With pool season practically here your cat’s safety is as important as yours around a swimming pool. Check out more pool safety blogs at PoguePoolSpa.com!

Your Cat and Your Pool

Image by montykill on Freeimages.com