May 29th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

6 Pool Care Tips

Looking for some quick tips to care for your pool? Look no further because here are 6 Pool Care Tips:

  1. Algaecides and algae preventers. Algaecides kill algae and algaestats inhibit the algae growth.
  2. Balancers. These help maintain your pool equilibrium. Make sure you test your water weekly.
  3. Clarifiers. These bind together tiny particles so they can be filtered or vacuumed out. This is also a great remedy for cloudy water.
  4. Stain Preventers and Metal Controllers/Removers. These neutralize the effects of metals that get in your pool and spa water for make-up water and or a heater. Prevention is the best method because stain removal is difficult and costly.
  5. Oxidizers. Again, prevention is key. The best shock for preventive oxidation is potassium monopersulphate.
  6. Test kit. As said in number 2, you need to test water weekly! Testing is king!

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