March 18th, 2014 by Jacqui Blanton

303 Aerospace Protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant helps protect UV-sensitive materials. UV rays can cause discoloration, cracking and other damages, the Aerospace Protectant helps prevent that.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces and helps restore lost color. The Aerospace Protectant helps keep the treated surfaces looking like new, prevents fading and cracking.

It is anti-static, repels smudges, dust, soiling and staining. The finish is matte and leaves no oily and greasy residue.

303 Aerospace Protectant is safe and effective on vinyl, clear vinyl, plastics, spa covers and much more! Simply spray on and wipe dry.

It is available in 16 oz and 1 gallon sizes. Find out more at!

303 Aerospace Protectant