June 28th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Liquid Commute

Instead of driving to work, why not swim? The City of London is proposing to turn the 8.6 mile Regent Canal into a swimming lane that would allow Londoners to swim to work, or ice skate to work in the wintertime. One of several projects being considered, the city is trying to turn some of their industrial artifacts into usable public facilities.

The Regent Canal was originally built to transport materials throughout the city’s industrial district. It is now unused, so instead of letting it go to waste they are hoping to put it to a good use to transport workers to their workplace. They have hopes of eventually adding in docks, public walkways, and an amphitheater. The concept calls for a multilayered permeable membrane to filter and sanitize the water and refit the canal for their future add-ins. Still being discussed, it opens many questions up to wonder what else the world will come up with to reuse our historical landmarks.

June 27th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

In-floor Pool Cleaners Pt. II

In-floor pool cleaners are a great option for a pool owner because they clean the pool exceptionally well and help your pool successfully circulate water and chemicals evenly throughout the pool. As with any other device, your cleaner will eventually need to be serviced and placed in the hands of a pool tech. The first thing the tech should do is go through and ensure that everything is working properly. This includes checking issues such as a bad filter, lots of back pressure, a worn out pump, or if the replacement pump that was placed in the pool is the wrong size. If too small of a pump is placed in the pool, the cleaner is unable to get the pool adequately clean.

The most common problem with in-floor cleaners are their cleaning heads. Techs have to be sure that the heads aren’t being clogged with debris and dust. The valves are another issue. Being that the valves control the flow of the water to each circuit or cleaning head in the pool, it is crucial that you get your valves checked at least once a year and rebuild the valves when needed—this is usually needed every few years. Knowing what needs to be checked on your cleaner can help you when notice a problem in your pool.

For more information on in-floor pool cleaners, contact the pros at poguepoolspa.com.

June 27th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

In-floor Pool Cleaners

As more and more people decide to add a pool to their home, they are faced with the question of what type of cleaner they are going to install into their pool. If you are building a new pool, a great way to go is the in-floor pool cleaner. These cleaners work with a series of nozzles located tactically on the floor of the vessel. When the cycle begins, the nozzles pop up one by one and emit pressurized water. They cause dirt or debris to be swept gradually down via other nozzles to a special drain. The debris then goes to the filter. If there is larger debris, you can get a model that routes the debris into a basket where it is then able to be cleaned out.

An in-floor cleaning system can only be installed during the construction of the pool. This can be a drawback to those who are house hunting and find a house with a pool cleaning system already installed. Another drawback is that the in-floor systems tend to lag behind in those areas that have multitudes of larger debris such as leaves that get into the pool. Even robotic cleaners will struggle if this is the case for you. If that’s not your case, then an in-floor cleaner is perfect for you. They are especially attractive in those areas that have smaller debris and are able to use their pools almost all year-round.

Not only do in-floor cleaners clean well, they also help with the circulation of the pool. If your pool feels warm at the top and cold at the bottom, you more than likely have a bad circulation problem. In-floor cleaners help to continually circulate the water spreading not only an even temperature throughout the pool, but also helping to evenly spread out the pool’s chemicals.

For more information on in-floor pool cleaners, read In-floor Pool Cleaners Pt. II.

June 26th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Absolutely Glowing

From stars on the wall to summer fireflies, children are constantly fascinated by anything that glows. Not often seen in adulthood until now, everyone can enjoy the fascination that comes from the glowing lights seen poolside. Inventors have created magical glowing tiles that are made from 99% recycled material. These tiles come in soft blue and sea foam green and are destined to turn your pool into a wonderland at nighttime. During the daytime, they are invisible and simply look like pearlescent tiles. At nighttime however, the tiles come alive for up to 8 hours! Tile not your thing? Try out the crystals. They come in three different sizes, as well as in powder form. Choose from deep sapphire, aqua, or firefly colors. These can be scattered over wet concrete to turn your poolside into a fairyland!

For more information on glow-in-the-dark pool accessories, contact the pros and poguepoolspa.com.

June 25th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Robotic Pool Cleaners

When considering ownership of a pool, an important thing to decide is what type of cleaner to set your pool up with. For many, robotic cleaners are the best option. With no hoses to the pressure or suctions sides of the plumbing, they simply have an electric line to a 24-volt power supply that plugs into a wall current. They gather debris from the floor and retain it in a bag or cartridge inside the unit. Some even gather debris from sides of the walls. While areas in the Southwest find that robotic cleaners struggle to get the sand and finer particles that get into their pools, they are growing to be more popular. One of the reasons is because the units are able to run without having the pool’s circulation pump running. Another plus is that the robotic cleaners are able to keep debris out of the system so the filters are able to require less back washing, which saves water. While there are several different options when finding which pool cleaner fits your pool the best, the robotic pool cleaner is definitely one to keep in mind.

For more information on robotic pool cleaners, contact the pros and poguepoolspa.com.

June 24th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Hydrotherapy For Animals

With the many studies over the benefits of hydrotherapy for the human body, it is no surprise that we have stretched our knowledge into the animal world by using what works for the human body to benefit a 15 pound continental rabbit.

Heidi, a rabbit from Dorset, England, has quietly been suffering from the pain and stiffness that comes with rabbitoid arthritis. A large rabbit, her caretakers lover her deeply and only want what’s best for her. Luckily, their vet was very knowledgeable in the benefits of warm water immersion, and prescribed Heidi hydrotherapy. Two times a week, this sweet bunny paddles around a heated pool wearing a little, orange life vest. Her body has responded beautifully. She is now much livelier and is finally able to enjoy the freedom of movement. It is clear that she has benefited greatly from hydrotherapy and goes to show that, when open to different treatment options, we are able to cure even the most unlikely patients.

June 21st, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Let's Get Away Pt. IV

The Woodlands Resort, located south of Dallas, is an amazing place to go and escape the busy life of the city, while enjoying some fun in the sun with your family. Not only can you find two amazing courses to golf on, they also have a world-class tennis center! This center has 21 first-rate clay and hard put surfaces along with 4 indoor courses. What’s more? The Woodlands Resort also has a glorious spa!

Relaxing is easy to do at this resort and offers parents an array of specialty treatment options that are all nature inspired, such as a Yellow Rose Mud Wrap, a Sunflower Salt Scrub, or a soothing Green Tea Pedicure. From relaxing to results-oriented procedures, the spa at the Woodlands Resort is sure to meet all of your needs! They also have a Nature’s Best Spa Package that has deluxe accommodations, full breakfast daily, a 50-minute Swedish massage, a Refresher Facial, and unlimited access to the sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and fitness center.

Last but not least, enjoy the NATURE at The Woodlands Resort. They have approximately 200 miles of hiking and biking trails throughout the East Texas Piney Woods with and unending canopy of trees and various species of birds.

For complete details about The Woodlands Resort or to start planning your next getaway, visit www.woodlandsresort.com or call them at 866.320.2376.


June 20th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton


Building a pool can be a grueling task. Between equipment, placement, and contractors, it is hard to figure out what exactly is needed for your pool to be just the way you like it. One thing you can count on for a concrete pool deck is Deck-O-Seal. It is inevitable that a concrete pool deck is going to go through some shifts and changes with the heat and wear-and-tear, but with Deck-O-Seal, you don’t have to worry about your concrete falling apart.

Deck-O-Seal is a two-part, polysulfide-based sealant that is not only pourable, but also self-leveling. Its resilient and excellent recovery characteristics have made this sealant the perfect choice for concrete pool decks. Even after extended periods of density and elongation, Deck-O-Seal remains outstandingly resistant to pool chemicals, weather conditions, aging, and even shrinkage.

For more information, contact the pros at poguepoolspa.com.

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June 19th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Let's Get Away Pt. III

Between the gorgeous rooms, the two-story waterslide, and the live entertainment that you can find at The Woodlands Resort, what more could they have to offer? Apparently, MUCH more. Interested in golfing as a way to relax or needing to practice on your golfing skills while trying to incorporate the family? At The Woodlands Resort you will be pleased to discover that they have two on-property championship golf courses: Panther Trail and The Oaks. Both of these courses have deep woods, glimmering waters, extraordinary fairways, and immaculate greens. These tree-lined fairways are great for golfers of all skill levels.

Panther Trail has an interesting layout which winds through the tall East Texas pines and contains challenging elevations. The Oaks has towering oak trees, rolling greens, and substantial fairways. Interested in a golf package? The Woodlands Resort offers a Tame Your Game Golf Package that allows golfers to practice their drive and perfect their putts. The package includes deluxe accommodations, full breakfast daily in The Woodlands Dining, 18 holes of golf with a golf cart, unlimited access to the practice grounds, range balls, and the fitness center. These guests also receive complimentary use of the resort’s sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and fitness center. You are able to pick your tee times and the amenities include a driving range, lighted putting green, and a staff of PGA professionals available for lessons or clinics, as well as a full-service pro shop.

For more on The Woodlands Resort, read Let’s Get Away Pt. IV.

June 18th, 2013 by Jacqui Blanton

Triathlon Challenge Raised $1.4 Million

A manufacturing company in California recently teamed up with the Challenged Athletes Foundation to sponsor the 19th Annual Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon Challenge. This was a day-long event that drew more than 5,000 supporters who were spectators as well as participants. The event raised about $1.4 million to be used by the Challenged Athletes Foundation to support challenged athletes by providing grants for adaptive sports equipment, training, and competition expenses so that they are able to live active lifestyles and participate in sports. The ‘challenge’ distance triathlon consisted of a 1-mile swim, 44-mile bike ride, and 10-mile run. Participants included more than 200 challenged athletes who competed side by side with 500 able-bodied athletes. They also conducted four sports and agility clinics which were designed to help teach challenged athletes the skills they need to succeed in sports. It was an amazing event with great success and helps spread the message that no matter what body you have—be it an able-bodied athlete or a challenged athlete—success is obtainable when you put your mind to it.