White Goods

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The term “white goods” refers to heavy consumer durables. Although some are not white, the name comes from the fact that most of them come painted in a white enamel finish. In the swimming pool industry, white goods include automatic pool cleaners, pool and spa pumps, pool heaters, pool and spa filters, sanitizers, skimmers, inlets and drains, pool filter valves, and plumbing valves. There are many manufacturers of swimming pool white goods. Understanding the qualities of good white goods will help you make an informed decision, given that some manufacturers have substandard goods.

Stick to swimming pool white goods from well-established swimming pool companies, one of the best being Pogue Pool Spa. The company has many years of experience and it understands the various needs of its customers. You also get free shipping from the company. A well-established company is less likely to engage in fraudulent or unscrupulous activities. An important quality in swimming pool white goods is good branding. White goods from Pogue Pool Spa are exclusively from leading white goods brands such as Pentair, Polaris, Hayward, Sta-Rite, Jandy, and Zodiac. This is important because you will be assured of the highest quality standards.

Another important quality in white goods is compatibility with your swimming pool system. Pogue Pool Spa has all the swimming pool white goods and accessories that you will ever need. The company boasts of 20,000 parts. Buying all your white goods and swimming pool accessories not only ensures there will be no compatibility problems, but it also gives you unparalleled convenience and cost benefits. The best swimming pool white goods are those that come with instructions on how to use. Some of you are do-it-yourselfers and are provided with instructions on how to use the equipment through the customer service team. This ensures that your pool is always safe to use and it reduces the risk of injury.

An important quality in white goods is availability of spare parts and repair technicians. The white goods we carry have spare parts readily available. Given the fact that we work with well-established manufacturers, it follows that you will always have access to qualified technicians for the repairs. Another important quality of swimming pool white goods is durability. With branded white goods from Pogue Pool Spa, you will be assured of high durability. Durability is important because it saves you money in the long run. Cost considerations are important, but you should note that cheap is expensive. Branded white goods are more expensive compared to unbranded ones, but having said this, you will be assured of the most competitive rates at poguepoolspa.com.