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SGS Digital Salinity Test Meter
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Valterra B7443 Blue Devil 4-Way DPD Chemical Test Kit

When you need pool water testing equipment, come to Pogue Pool Spa. Sometimes it is necessary for you to test your pool’s water to determine whether you need more alkalinity, calcium, algaecide or some other chemical to restore your pool’s pH level to normal, Pogue Pool Spa carries everything you could need. The first step, though, is for you to determine just what your pool needs, and we have a variety of testing kits designed to help you do so.

From digital testing meters to drop test kits, we have the kits needed to test for everything. Our drop kits are perhaps some of the easiest types of kits to use since you simply drop a test strip into your pool’s water and then wait for the results to appear and compare them to the readings found on the packages. There are various types of test strips as well, from 3-way test strips that read your pool’s alkalinity, bromine and pH to 7-in-1 test strips that test total chlorine, free chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, hardness and cyanuric acid.

If your pool’s chemical levels are off, then the safeness of your pool could be affected. For instance, too much chlorine could prove dangerous to your health and irritate your skin, but not enough chlorine could allow microorganisms and bacteria to grow that could harm your health as well. Having a pool that is well-balanced is essential for having a safe recreational lifestyle.

It can be difficult to determine what is wrong with your pool’s water when it appears cloudy and isn't the crystal clear pool water that you have become accustomed to. Our pool water testing kits can help you determine the steps that you need to take to get your pool chemicals balanced again. Also, depending upon the environment you live in, you might be more susceptible to having algae grow in your pool or having hard water. No matter what your chemical problem is, we have the products here at Pogue Pool Spa to address them and get your water back on track and looking the way that it is supposed to.