Vacuums & Hoses

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Repairing swimming pool or spa equipment takes some specialty parts. They have to be strong, durable and high quality to withstand the unique environment and pressure. Pogue Pool Spa carries a variety of high quality swimming pool vacuums and hoses to help you keep your pool and spa running smoothly. With affordable prices, swimming pool vacuums & hoses are easy to find and are all available from Pogue Pool Spa. Whether you are looking for Pentair, GAME, Polaris, Poolstyle, Stanley or Super Pro. All of these materials are superior grade and provide all the durability that you need to keep your pool running efficiently.

GAME swimming pool vacuums & hoses on Pogue Pool Spa include everything that you need to create the best cleaning system for your pool. The GAME spa and pool vacuum provides both spas and pools with selections that let you get the smaller specks of debris out of your water. You don't need extra tubing or hook ups either for it to work. Smaller pools and spas greatly benefit from the GAME kit, and it includes everything that you need.

If you are looking for higher quality and commercial swimming pool vacuums and hoses, you'll find Poolstyle hoses and Stanley products may be more beneficial. Poolstyle vacuum hoses come in different lengths including industrial sizes for larger commercial and public swimming pools. Stanley equipment services both in-ground and above-ground pools. You can find the latest equipment for each pool type including Stanley leaf vacuums to help with seasonal symptoms of nature. Pogue Pool Spa carries all of these top brands for more affordable rates than what you'll find at your local hardware store, and you'll also get fast shipping for each of these products.

The Stanley leaf vacuum is a particularly a good machine that removes leaves quickly without any manual operation. The rubber bumpers on the sides prevent pools from getting any scratches or marks that you may see from other types of leaf vacuums. It's also powered with a simple garden hose, which makes it an easy tool to help clean up any pool or spa area that you need to. Pogue Pool Spa also provides all purpose bags, leaf bags and quick disconnect fittings for garden hoses.