Sta-Rite Lights

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When you think of swimming pools, you likely think of bright, sunny days and umbrellas. While swimming is a daytime recreational activity, it can also be a nighttime one as well if you have the appropriate lighting in your pool area to swim by. That is where swimming pool Sta-Rite lights come in. These lights are designed to provide you with the ambience that you need to be able to enjoy your pool at night after hours. Who says that the fun has to stop when the sun goes down? With Sta-Rite lights, you can enjoy your pool day or night.

Even if you don’t plan on swimming in your pool at night, swimming pool Sta-Rite lights can show off your pool at night. Oftentimes, your pool area is simply gorgeous at night. You might simply want to sit in a lounge chair by the pool and read a book or listen to the sounds of the night. Sta-Rite lights allow you to do just that, and we carry various Sta-Rite lights in our inventory here at Pogue Pool Spa.

Our Sta-Rite lights are made of brass and contain halogen lighting that really lights up your pool area. No matter whether you simply want to show off your pool area or want to conduct nighttime swimming lessons, you can conduct any activity you want at night just like you could during the daytime with Sta-Rite lights. Plus, our lights are surrounded with a stainless steel face ring that resists corrosion from the water. Therefore, not only do our Sta-Rite lights off you high performance lighting, but they are highly durable products as well.

We offer you everything you could need for your Sta-Rite lights system here at Pogue Pool Spa as well. From replacement bulbs to gaskets to nuts and screws, we have it all. We have a variety of rings and seals as well as different lens covers for in case you want to change the color of the lighting your system puts out. For instance, use one of our blue or red lens covers to instantly transform your pool area into a colorful lighted space.