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Spa pumps from Pogue Pool Spa are essential to spa operation, so it's important to choose carefully. They are the heart of any spa system circulating water killing microorganisms that may come into the water through human contact or outside air. They enable even distribution of water and spa elements while cleaning the water of impurities. Spa pumps made today are energy efficient costing mere cents to operate on a daily basis.

Pogue Pool Spa offers spa pump brands including:

  • Aqua-Flo -- Flo Mater XP2, FMCP, FMHP, CircMaster HP and CP Recirculation
  • Balboa -- 115v 12.5 AMP with air switcj, WOW 5.5 AMP 115V bath
  • CMP -- Molded Products 3 HP West End
  • Laing -- E-14 Series Circulation, E-10 Series Circulation
  • Sta-Rite -- Dura-Jet 48 Frame, Dura-Jet Wet Ends
  • Waterway -- Center Discharge, EX2, Executive models, Hi Flo, Iron Might
  • Grundfos -- 115V .74 AMP 1-inch Barb 12-18 GPM Circulating

Waterway is one of the leading spa pump manufacturer with a dozen models on the market. Executive models like the EX2 1.5HP pump offer choice of speeds, 2-inch suction, and discharge connections and a 48 frame. Top of the line Waterway Spa Flo 2HP 2-Speed 230V models offer 1.5-inch connections, side discharge, and heavy-duty power.

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Sure, you can find these parts at hardware and big box stores, but the search takes forever and can result in overpaying. However, you get the best deals online more easily and quickly. Feel free to contact Pogue Pool Spa immediately by email, toll-free phone or online form and mail for personalized information and the latest deals on top quality spa and pool products.