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C-SPA XI Common Parts
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Find Specialty Apparatus

Everyone enjoys a hot spa treatment at home to relax their sore muscles while cleansing the skin’s pores. Unfortunately, spa heater parts wear out occasionally requiring replacement apparatus to ensure the device works correctly. Most of Pogue Pool Spa’s customers do not understand the mechanisms that make a home spa operate correctly. We make it easy to determine the part you need in a hot tub, spa or swimming pool by providing a great online store. Pogue Pool Spa in Garland, Texas has an assortment of specialty merchandise and replacement mechanisms available to get your home fitness equipment working again. Our knowledgeable employees are always ready to assist customers determine the repair required as they order a new piece of machinery.

Locate Model Codes

One of the best ways to understand the spa heater parts needed to make a repair is to look at a model number before contacting us by phone. Alternatively, we have excellent photographs and online details about equipment at our Pogue Pool Spa store’s website. When you look at the parts inside your spa’s engine, the gadgets typically have codes such as numbers and letters to help with selecting the correct mechanism. We also have customers who provide us with a photograph of broken equipment to help our team choose and ship the correct mechanism to your home. Keeping your home spa operating efficiently requires devices including a heating element to maintain warmed air throughout the machine.

Order Emergency Parts

There are other spa heater parts necessary to keep it running smoothly such as toggle switches, control panels and thermal fuses. Many of the mechanisms found at Pogue Pool Spa are difficult to find in local brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, repairing swimming pools, hot tubs and spas requires the expertise of our salespeople. Instead of wasting your valuable time looking for the mechanisms needed, immediately begin shopping at our website for temperature sensors or air control systems with different speeds. At the same time, you can order thermal fuses, pilot tubes and thermostats to keep on hand for emergency repairs.