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Leisure Time 45305A Spa Renew Tabs - 1.75 lb
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Natural Chemistry 07450 Salt Shock Pool Oxidizer
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Swimming Pool Shock Products

It is important to keep your pool in good shape so that it can be enjoyed. This is why swimming pool shock products are used. All the things that can be left behind in the water after people (and pets) swim can contaminate the water. Consider the things that are brought into the pool by our bodies such as sweat, skin cells, deodorant, lotions, and sometimes urine. When you are ready to swim, you want to make sure all of this is gone and the water is clean.

Not only do you want clean water, but you want it to be sanitary. When leaves and dirt are blown into the water, they allow bacteria to grow. They are food for bacteria. Algae can also grow because the water is exposed to sunlight. While many people use chlorine to clean the pool and it does a good job, some may want to use something more natural.

Natural Shock Products offers optional solutions for cleaning the pool without using chlorine. If you would prefer not to use bleach or cannot use it for a particular reason, the pool can still be clean and free of contaminants. One of their products is Natural Chemistry Salt Shock Oxidizer. It can eliminate the pollutants that are found in pools. In addition, only 15 minutes after using Salt Shock Oxidizer, the pool is ready to use.

This is a product that does not cloud the water as some can. Because the shock is an oxidizer, it breaks down organics in the pool water. This is called oxidation and it means that oxygen molecules attack and get rid of contaminants.

Swimming pool shock products aid in keeping pools clean and sanitary. provides what is needed to maintain your pool so that it is ready whenever you are. If you want to be sure your pool is clean and germs are kept at bay, you will find the products needed at an affordable price. This is an important aspect for those who use their pools frequently. Best of all, there will be no chlorine smell.