Pool Salt Systems

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Pools come in various shapes, sizes and styles, but they also come with different types of systems as well. Some come with freshwater systems, but some have saltwater ones. Granted, freshwater systems are more commonplace that saltwater ones, but some people prefer saltwater ones for a variety of reasons. For instance, pool salt systems that use salt to chlorinate the water are sometimes considered safer by some people than systems that utilize chlorine to sanitize the water. Chlorine is a chemical that raises health concerns among some people, leading to the integration of pool salt systems in some pools.

The way that saltwater systems chlorinate a pool is by using dissolved salt in place of chlorine. A salt generator is used to electrolyze pounds of salt, which produces hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite, both of which are sanitizing agents that people already frequently use in swimming pools to sanitize them, whether they realize it or not. Therefore, technically, saltwater pools are not completely free of chlorine. They simply generate chlorine via a saltwater process rather than adding chlorine to the pool.

Some people mistakenly believe that no chemicals are added to saltwater pools, however. You do have to purchase salt for them, though, which is then generated into chlorine. Saltwater pools do help keep your pool’s chemical level at the right level all the time, though, since the salt is constantly breaking down to provide the pool with the chlorine that it needs to keep it sanitized. Because that is happening, saltwater pools generally don’t have to be “shocked” with bags of chlorine like traditional pools do. Yet, they do still require the monitoring that traditional pools do to ensure that their other chemical levels are properly maintained, such as their alkalinity and so on. Therefore, you still might find yourself having to add certain chemicals to your saltwater pool.

At Pogue Pool Spa, we have all the parts and chemicals needed to keep your saltwater system operating smoothly. Just like traditional pool systems, saltwater ones require maintenance, and we have the tools to help you maintain your system here. From saltwater testing strips to filters, we offer the resources you need to keep your pool in optimum condition.