Pool Safety

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Pool safety systems are integral parts of a pool. They help ensure that you don’t become injured while you are enjoying your pool. Examples of safety parts that comprise a pool safety system include safety plate covers that cover filters, lock ring safety clips, safety latches for rings and even emergency shut off switches for filter and booster pumps. No matter what type of safety part you need for you pool, we have you covered here at Pogue Pool Spa.

Some pool safety systems that we offer come in complete control system packages that have everything you need to ensure that your pool is kept functioning properly and optimally. It is not just enough to keep your pool clean. You must also maintain it on a regular basis to keep it in the condition it needs to be in to be the safest for you, your friends, family and guests to use. However, maintaining your pool manually can become tiresome and tedious. Plus, you might not have the time necessary to devote to doing it, especially if you have a large pool. Fortunately, we offer you control systems that make maintaining your pool quick and easy.

Our swimming pool control systems include everything you need to keep your pool running smoothing including, heater, filters, air conditioners, pumping systems and so on. If you want to have additional luxury features added onto your control systems, you can do that as well. For instance, you might want your control system to be equipped with a computer interface or a phone activation, and we provide the parts to make your control system do just that. You might want to have neon lights in your pool or a music system, and we can do that as well. Plus, not only do we offer you the parts needed to keep your pool maintained, we will also install them for you as well. When we install your swimming pool system parts for you, you can be assured that your parts are being installed by professionals who will do it right the first time. Customer satisfaction is our number priority here at Pogue Pool Spa.