Pool Plugs

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Anywhere there is water you are likely to require plugs to contain it. The same applies to swimming pools. Swimming pools have filters, pumps and control systems on them that have to have plugs somewhere within them to keep the water from escaping and emptying out of your pool. Sometimes your pool’s swimming pool plugs might become lost or damaged, but there’s no need to worry because we have you covered here at Pogue Pool Spa.

We have a variety of swimming pool plugs here at Pogue Pool Spa, so finding one that is compatible with your filter shouldn’t be a problem. Our plugs come in a variety of sizes and are compatible with a variety of models of filters and systems. For instance, our 1.5” drain plug that comes with an O-ring is used on numerous types of filters, some of which include the Pentair Star and Mytilus B filters. This plug is ideal for when you want to quickly drain your filter since you can simply unplug it from the bottom of the filter when you need to winterize your pool. Then, we offer plenty of winterizing plug pipes that you can use to properly winterize your above ground pool.

We also have drain plugs that can be stuck into your pumps to plug up the strainer of the body and keep your pump from sucking air into it when it’s not in use. These plugs come in a variety of models to accommodate different types of pumps. Additionally, we realize that some plugs are difficult to remove. Therefore, we offer various drain plug tools in a variety of sizes designed to help you remove hard to remove plugs. Our drain plug tools add more leverage against the plugs and are designed specifically for our drain plugs, so make sure that you select the corresponding drain plug tool for your plug.

Regardless of what type of pool supplies you need, whether it is a simple plug for maintenance or winterizing, we have what you need here at Pogue Pool Spa. We also carry virtually every other pool product you could need, from chemicals to deck equipment.