Pool Meters


Blue White 2" Vertical Downflow Flowmeter 40-150 GPM
Blue White 3" Horizontal Flowmeter 80-300 GPM
Blue White F-30250P 2.5" Horizontal Pool Plumbing Flowmeter 60-250 GPM
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Blue White F-30600P 6" Horizontal Flowmeter 250-1050 GPM

All kinds of pool accessories help with maintaining your pool throughout the season. When you need high quality pool parts and accessories, Pogue Pool Spa sells hundreds of cleaning products, chemicals, maintenance suppliers and other gear for the best prices. You can find the latest technology as well like pool water flow meters. Swimming pool meters measure the flow of water through a recirculation system. They fit to the size of your piping, and they typically measure between 20 and 75 gallons per minute. Pogue Pool Spa carries all of the latest pool and spa flow meters like Blue White vertical downflow flow meters or the pocket size multimeter from Greenlee.

Flow meters don't have to kill your budget. If you are looking for the best quality, Pogue Pool Spa offers each kind of flow meter that you'll find in other markets but at better prices. You can check out photos, specifications and order in bulk if you need meters for your pool maintenance business. The flow meter description will also let you know how much the meter will measure. For instance, the Blue White 2" vertical downflow flow meter measures between 40 and 150 gallons. You can see this number clearly on the meter to understand gallons and liters being measured per second. You also get everything you need to install the flow meter accurately. Steel clamps and corrosion resistant parts allow your meter to avoid degradation and withstand years of outdoor weather.

Finding a cheap meter can seriously help you accurately calculate the flow rate for a pool and is required by most states for commercial pools and spas. An adequate amount of water has to be pumped into the pool for better filtration. Flow meters are essential for public pools, but it's also a good idea for a private pool and spa filtration system. This ensures that you are always getting the maximum amount of flow that you should from your filtration pump. You can also tell if you need to replace a pump if your flow has been obstructed or inaccurate in the past.

Service professionals use flow meters to determine accuracy, but it's also important for home inspections. If you are looking to increase the value of your pool, installing swimming pool meters can help dramatically.