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Installing the right pool lights can improve your enjoyment of your backyard swimming pool in a number of ways. There are many models of pool lighting systems to choose from, and some are designed to provide you with greater levels of enjoyment through advanced features than others. Pentair pool lights are considered to be among the most innovative and premier lighting systems available. With a closer look at what these lighting systems offer, you may decide to upgrade your backyard swimming pool with new lighting today.

All models boast an attractive, highly durable casing that is designed to look attractive in any pool. You can choose from smaller models that are ideal for smaller swimming pools, larger lights or combination systems that include both a larger and smaller light for enhanced lighting in larger or uniquely designed pools. There are also various types of lights available. In addition to standard white light models, you may select a color-changing LED model. A color-changing model provides you with the enhanced ability to control the ambiance created by the light with five fixed colors or with your choice of 7 synchronized light programs. In addition, the intensity of the light can further be customized through the rotation of the pool lens.

All of the Pentair pool lights are designed to provide you with energy-savings in comparison to many other types of lights available. They are also designed with long-lasting bulbs to decrease the maintenance associated with pool lights. With the different lighting options provided by Pentair coupled with the innovative features available with the various models, these are the ideal lights for most backyard swimming pools.

If you are interested in learning more about Pentair pool lighting systems for your backyard swimming pool, simply contact Pogue Pool Spa today. Our experienced technicians can answer all of your questions about the different models available so that you can make an informed decision about which model is right for your needs. We also provide full installation and can further educate you about the use of the lights during the installation process.