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Maintaining your pool is an essential part of having a pool. There is so much more to maintaining a pool than some people realize, especially if your pool is very large. Larger pools require more maintenance than smaller ones and can quickly become a hassle if you don’t have the appropriate pool accessories to help you do it. One type of tool that can help reduce the strain of maintaining a pool is a swimming pool ozonator. Swimming pool ozonators work in the same manner that the sun does. They utilize complex ultraviolet systems to generate more ozone for your pool.

Higher levels of ozone in your pool make for a healthier, cleaner pool. Ozonators help destroy microorganisms found in your pool and give you the sparkling, crystal clear water that you want your pool to have. Ozonators help keep your pool’s water purer so that you can feel safer about swimming in it. Additionally, good swimming pool ozonators like the ones we offer at Pogue Pool Spa can last you for up to five years. Ozonators help keep your pool sanitized so you don’t have to spend as much time manually sanitizing your pool yourself. Instead, you can spend more time doing what you want to do: kicking back in your pool and having some fun yourself.

We offer a variety of ozonators here at Pogue Pool Spa, and it’s important for you to select an ozonator that is designed for your pool size. For instance, some of our ozonators work with pools up to a thousand gallons, whereas others might be designed for larger capacities and still others for smaller capacities. Selecting an ozonator that is of the right capacity for your pool is essential in receiving optimum results from your ozonator. Additionally, our ozonators come with built-in backflow preventions, so you don’t have to worry about them backflowing and creating a mess. They also come complete with all the tubing and mounting hardware you need to set them up properly. If you need any replacement parts for your ozonator, such as valves, injectors or lamps, we offer all of that as well.