GAME 4290 Derby Duck Foot Bath
Pentair 8240070 White ABS Insert Pool Steps - 3 Pack
Pentair Rainbow R181086 Swimming Pool Oval Rope Float

Performing maintenance on swimming pool decks often requires the replacement of equipment most people who enjoy the pool deck never think about. From pole holder assemblies to foot baths that keep grass carried on swimmers’ feet out of the pool, Pogue Pool Spa has a variety of miscellaneous swimming pool deck equipment to help maintain your pool deck properly.

To keep people from stepping into the pool with dirty or grassy feet, consider installing a GAME Backyard Foot Bath. The textured bottom helps remove dirt and grime from the bottom of feet before they jump into the pool. In addition, the adorable duck feet design in the bottom of the tub will encourage children to rinse their feet before hopping back into the pool after chasing a ball or playing in the yard. This inexpensive addition to your pool deck could save you significant skimming time by keeping dirt and grass from accumulating in the pool.

Pogue Pool Spa also offers a variety of pole holder assemblies designed for many uses. Choose pole holder assemblies in beige, black, gray or white depending on the color scheme of your pool deck to hold umbrellas, volleyball nets or other added features that require poles. The pole assemblies are designed for use in concrete, and the kit comes with the body, cap and flange necessary for installation.

Every pool owner wants their pool deck to stay in good condition, which is why Pogue Pool Spa offers several miscellaneous swimming pool deck equipment options to improve the look, not only of the deck, but of the pool as well. Adding a foot bath minimizes the need for skimming and reduces vacuuming time by reducing the grass or dirt carried into the pool, while pole assemblies allow you to install aesthetic options such as umbrellas or volleyball nets. In addition to the variety of miscellaneous equipment available, Pogue Pool Spa also offers heaters, lighting and chemicals for your pool, along with many other pool and deck needs. For those who are attempting to be more environmentally friendly with their pool and deck, be sure to check out their “Going Green” section for ideas.