Balboa 52452 Phazer Duplex Spa Control Infrared Remote Receiver
Pres Air Trol 618-2 Patrol Spa Control 2-Button Overlay Label
Pres Air Trol 618-3 Patrol Spa Control 3-Button Overlay Label
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Pres Air Trol 618-4 Patrol Spa Control 4-Button Overlay Label

Pogue Pool Spa Miscellaneous products add value to the many spa systems that the family-owned and operated company has sold for more than 20 years. Spa miscellaneous products range from leaf traps and connection kits to line plugs, ladder guards, pole holders, and flow switch cables. Leading manufacturers of these useful, cost effective products include Waterway, Gecko, Polaris, and Zodiac.

Pogue Pool Spa is an industry leader with more than 20,000 pool and spa parts on hand from every major brand. Pogue carries top names in above ground products, solar blankets, solar products and easy to install, and use, automatic pool cleaners, pool and spa pumps, pool heaters, pool and spa filters, and pool maintenance products.

Top quality spa miscellaneous products available include:

  • Gecko SSPA MSPA TSPA Cable with Light Socket
  • Thermcore one-inch NPT Flange Adapter Kit
  • Gecko TSPA MSPA Flow Switch Cable
  • HydroQuip 3 Pin PDS Switch Harness
  • Gecko Universal Flow Switch Cable
  • Gecko 1 1/4-Inch ElementAdapter Flange Kit
  • Gecko IRMR-2-6P 6-inch Infrared Receptor

With access to almost 3,000 spa-specific products, Pogue Pool Spa features one-stop online shopping for everything from connectors, control systems, and jets to pumps, heaters, and transformers. Having such a wide selection means customers get products at reasonable prices.

Spa parts undergo lots of use and break down after long periods of use no matter how well made. They must be replaced by compatible parts to avoid further problems. Sure, many parts are available at local hardware and bog box stores. However, putting parts together with systems often requires a lot of leg work and searching.

Visiting Pogue Pool Spa online, however, enables customers to find the right part at the right prices from any of dozens of quality vendors without leaving the comfort of their home or computer. A great reason to visit Pogue Pool Spa is these parts can be shipped immediately, quickly, and conveniently. Another advantage of buying from Pogue Pool Spa is great customer service. For more information, and to order pool and spa products, feel free to email, call toll-free, write, and contact Pogue Pool Spa today.