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Jensen 6.5" Black Flush Mount Speaker
Jensen 6.5" White Flush Mount Speaker
Jensen AM/FM Stereo Antenna
Jensen MS2013BT Stereo
Jensen Spa Stereo Power Supply
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Whether you throw parties for your friends and loved ones, your kids love having parties with their friends or you just enjoy entertaining, you'll love the wide selection of spa marine stereos available at Made from waterproof materials, these stereos will last as long as your pool or spa does. You can choose from state of the art systems that will let you get the party started, speakers that ensure every guest can hear the music or other devices that will increase the range of your antenna. All of these products are available right here at

Spa Marine Stereos

Having a marine stereo lets you listen to music without worrying about finding an outlet. You no longer need to carry an old stereo or radio outside, find an outlet and pray that someone doesn't knock it into the water. Jensen stereos give you access to music from multiple sources. You can listen to AM or FM radio, use compact discs that you have around the house or hook up your iPod or MP3 player to the USB and other ports on the stereo. You can even use the stereo with your Sirius XM satellite radio.


What good is an outdoor stereo without a great set of speakers? Here at, you'll find several speakers from Jensen that you can use with your marine radio. These speakers feature a special design that sits flush against your pool or spa. The speakers won't get in the way, but those speakers will let all your guests hear clearly and even hear underwater.

Extra Accessories

When shopping for spa marine stereos, don't forget about the extra accessories now available. With an AM/FM antenna, you can pick up signals from hundreds of miles away. You might listen to a basketball or football game while relaxing in the pool on an AM station before switching it over to an FM station for a party later in the day. Here at, you'll also find stereo housing that keeps your stereo safe from the elements and power supplies that ensure the music never stops.