Aladdin Magic Lube


Aladdin 630 Magic Lube Silicone Based Lubricant - 1 oz
Aladdin 631 Magic Lube Pool & Spa Silicone Based Lubricant - 5 oz
Aladdin 650 Magic Lube II Silicone Based Lubricant - 1 oz
Aladdin 651 Magic Lube II Silicone Based Pool & Spa Lubricant - 5 oz

So you’ve got the pool of your dreams, but now you realize that you have to maintain it. Maintaining your pool is an essential part of keeping your pool safe and usable. There is so much more to having a pool than simply purchasing the tub and filling it full of water. After that initial step, you then have to keep the control system on it running, the filter cleaned out, the pump functioning correctly and other parts in optimum working condition. If you don’t keep your pool properly maintained, then it can fall into a state of disarray that can make it unusable or at the very least unenjoyable to use.

There might be situations arise in which you have trouble keeping O-rings, gaskets, bearings and water filters tight and put together the way they are supposed to be for your pool to function properly. Fortunately, when such situations arise, there is swimming pool Aladdin Magic lube that is designed to address those issues. Swimming pool Aladdin Magic lube is a waterproof adhesive lube designed specifically for the O-rings, gaskets, bearings and water filters found in pools. Aladdin Magic lube is Teflon-based, non-toxic and non-melting, so you can be assured that it is safe to use in your pool. Additionally, even though it is a waterproof lube designed to address issues underwater, it can also be used in dry environments too.

Aladdin Magic lube is ideal for almost any type of adverse condition, as it is made to withstand temperatures between 0 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The lube is designed to form an adhesive film that prevents metal to metal contact even under the severest of shock loads. The lube is compatible with most types of metals, rubbers and plastics and is ideal for a variety of types of fixes. It can help you ensure that parts are fitted correctly to one another and assist you in keeping any parts from moving within your pool or spa. Not only can it be used to make minor fixes, but it can be used as a double sealant as well and help prevent future problems from developing. We are proud to offer this lube at Pogue Pool Spa.