Leisure Time 45305A Spa Renew Tabs - 1.75 lb

Leisure Time 45305A Spa Renew Tabs - 1.75 lb
SKU 45305A
Manufacturer: Advantis Technologies
Weight 1.75 lbs
Our price: $30.99
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A non-chlorine shock oxidizer that is conveniently packaged in easy-to-dose tablets that quickly dissolve in spa water and break down residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials before they have a chance to form combined chlorine.

Use the tabs after each time you use the spa:

1. Turn the filtration system on
2. Place 3 tablets in the water for every 250 gal
3. Run the filtration system for 15 minutes
4. Repeat weekly to help keep the water clear and odor-free
Non-Chlorine Shock
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