Leaf Traps


Hayward Large Capacity Leaf Canister
Pentair Clear Leaf Trap

The beautiful leaves in your yard can become a big hassle as soon as they fall into your swimming pool. While the pool’s water and walls need to be cleaned on a regular basis, it can be tempting to leave the leaves floating in the water until the next time you plan to go for a swim. The problem with waiting is that leaves are not as harmful as they seem. If you have a concrete pool, leaves that are left at the bottom can actually stain its floor. Leaves can also attract frogs, insects and other unwanted guests that thrive on plant matter. In general, it is a lot tougher to clean an accumulation of leaves on the bottom of the pool than to collect them as they fall in.

To remove leaves quickly, it is important to have the proper cleaning equipment. At Pogue Pool Spa, we carry a variety of convenient pool maintenance leaf traps and individual parts. Available in a wide range of popular brands, our leaf trappers come in many different features and prices. For a comprehensive cleaning system, try one of Zodiac’s leaf traps with in-line leaf catchers. If you already have a hose, Zodiac’s leaf trapper adapter is an affordable addition for manual cleaning jobs. We also offer trap baskets for larger pools and heavy-duty jobs. Pool maintenance leaf traps and baskets work best for removing stubborn leaves that settle on the bottom or large amounts of plant matter. For quick jobs and to remove leaves that are floating on top of the water, you can try using a leaf rake or a pool net.

While the pool maintenance leaf traps we sell are designed to fit most standard pools, your pool may have unique cleaning requirements. Keep in mind that pools that use salt water and spas often have different maintenance requirements than standard pools, and maintenance rules for in-ground pools are a little different than cleaning guidelines for above-ground pools. Before investing in any cleaning equipment, it is always best to double check your manufacturer’s instructions for detailed information about your pool’s maintenance requirements.