Hayward Lights

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The right pool lighting can truly transform your experience of swimming or relaxing by your pool. Most pools today are installed with a basic lighting kit, but these lights may be too bright or too dim for your enjoyment. Lights that are excessively bright can detract from the ambiance while you relax on your own or entertain around the pool. Likewise, dim lights may not provide ample illumination for your comfort, and they may even create unsafe conditions around your pool at night. Upgrading your pool’s illumination system with Hayward pool lights may be the ideal way to enhance your enjoyment of spending time outdoors during the evening hours.

Hayward pool lights are innovative by design, and they can transform your nighttime swimming experience through the different lighting options they provide. The ColorLogic 2.5 lighting system features 15 seconds of white light when the light is first switched on. Then, you can choose between five fixed colors, or you create a changing light show with your choice of two or more hues. There are seven different synchronized light shows available, and they can help you to set the mood around your pool. Some light shows are designed to inspire relaxation with a mellow ambiance while others are more suitable for entertaining with a vibrant, upbeat feeling.
With both the fixed lighting options and the synchronized light shows available with Hayward pool lights, you can easily create the ideal ambiance around your pool without stress or concern. The lighting can set the tone of the space, but the desired ambiance can change based on how you are using your pool. This type of adjustable pool lighting ensures that you always have the right pool lighting.