GAME Lights


GAME 3555 Pool & Spa Underwater Light Show

Your swimming pool is likely where you’ll want to spend every spare moment that you have during those hot summer months, both day and night. In fact, swimming in your pool during the nighttime hours can sometimes be even more fun than doing so in the daytime ones, especially if you have swimming pool GAME lights to add more excitement to your pool at night.Swimming pool GAME lights allow you to have a light show right there in your very own pool. Plus, they are an affordable way to do so as well.

At Pogue Pool Spa, we carry swimming pool GAME lights in stock to accommodate all your underwater light show needs. Our GAME lights move between different colors and are separated by seven different light shows that showcase different color and light movements. With GAME lights, you are sure to transform your pool into the perfect backdrop for a nighttime party. Although most users choose to allow their GAME lights to float in their pools so that they will provide underwater light shows, you can also choose to hang them up around your pools as well. Our GAME lights come with the 3 AAA batteries included that are required to operate them, and they automatically shut off after an hour to conserve your battery life.

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