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The role of swimming pool filters is to ensure that the water in your swimming pool is always clean and clear. It is imperative for pool and spa waters to be clean both for safety and health reasons. Swimming pools are prone to dirt. For instance, some of the common dirt in a swimming pool includes debris and hair. With correctly functioning swimming pool filters, water is drawn into them and all dirt removed before the water is sent back into the pool. Water gets drawn into the filter often, therefore the water in the pool will always be kept clear and clean. If left unattended, dirt such as particles and hair could subject your family to illnesses. Accumulation of dirt in the pool leads to the growth of fungi that may in turn result to illnesses. With swimming pool filters however, such dirt can be removed and the chances of illnesses decline. You can enhance the well being of people using your swimming pool. One way of doing so is by ensuring that they will be swimming in the clearest waters possible. Dirty water is a breeding ground for bacteria therefore cleanliness is of paramount importance.

There are different types of swimming pools. Similarly, there are many different types of swimming pool filters. Different types of swimming pools call for different types of pool filters. It is therefore important to ensure that you choose the right filter option for your pool. Go for the right model and brand of a pool filter which is suitable enough for your pool. Different types of filters are made to handle different volumes of water. The type of filter that you go for will depend on the amount of water in your pool. Always consider the volume of water in the swimming pool as you choose a pool filter.

Some of the commonly used types of swimming pool filters include sand pool filter, the cartridge filter and the DE pool filter. With the sand pool filters, impurities and other debris are normally extracted from the water using sand. With this type of filter, even the smallest debris and dirt particles can be extracted from the water. Cartridge pool filters are also commonly used in cleaning swimming pools. They operate on lower pressure than the sand filters and they are easy to maintain. The DE pool filters may trap very small dirt particles just like the sand filters. Always ensure that you go for the right type of filter for your swimming pool. Pogue Pool Spa has the right filter for you and your family. Take a look at our categories above!