Filter Aid


Jack's Magic JMFIBER18 18 oz Filter Fiber Stuff Filter Aid

As a swimming pool owner, you understand that it takes time and effort to keep your pool clean on a regular basis, but having access to the right tools, equipment and supplies can help you to minimize the time and effort required for pool maintenance. While there are many supplies and resources that can be used for various purposes, the swimming pool filter aid chemicals available to you through Pogue Pool Spa are a necessity for most pool owners today.

The swimming pool filter aid chemicals are used to benefit pool owners by enhancing the function of sand and cartridge pool filters. They often can be used as a great alternative to DE in this type of filter, and the benefit to using this as an alternative is that only about half of the filter aid chemicals are needed in comparison to DE in DE filters. This can save you both time and money in your pool maintenance tasks. Furthermore, you will enjoy the fact that filter aid chemicals are non-toxic. You can handle these chemicals safely and without concern for them falling into the hands of little ones at your home. In addition, the chemicals are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable, and this makes it easier to clean up your work area after using the chemicals. When these chemicals are used for pool maintenance and upkeep, you will find that your pool filters are less likely to clog, and water can be beautifully maintained with sparkling clarity.

While there are many steps that pool owners can and should take to keep their pool clean on a regular basis, the fact is that some steps may actually help pool owners reduce the overall burden associated with pool maintenance. Making the simple switch to using swimming pool filter aid chemicals over DE in DE filters can be a wise and beneficial move to make. You can find all of the supplies that you need for your pool, including filter aid chemicals, in one convenient location when you shop online at Pogue Pool Spa. Spend time reviewing the different chemicals and other products available through Pogue Pool Spa today.