Balboa 30039 Spa Heater to Board Jumper Strap

Finding the right spa connector for your pool or spa can sometimes leave you in a tizzy. By the time you look at the variety of different spa connectors on the market, you'll probably feel more than a little confused. Though this is just a small part, it's one of the most important parts that you need. If you choose the wrong one, your spa won't work as well as it did before. Choosing the wrong one can even damage your indoor or outdoor spa, leading to an expensive repair bill. Thanks to, you can find all the connectors you need in one spot.

Types of Connectors Available

The spa connectors sold by feature a completely brass construction. Brass is one of the strongest materials around. It can stand up to frequent use, and it won't rust or suffer any damage when water from your spa touches the metal. The L connector has a simple L-shaped design that holds different components in place, while the flat copper strap is another option. It fits flush against the spa and works in different areas. If you have a VS system, you'll find a special product that specifically works with those systems.


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