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Jack's Magic JMAFTER08 After Shock 8oz Chlorine Reducer
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Leisure Time 22337 Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules - 2-Pound
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Chlorine is among the most common chemicals associated with pool maintenance. This is a chemical that is generally used to keep water clean and sanitary. It can kill off harmful bacteria and other microbes that can make swimmers sick, and it can also prevent pool staining and other issues that are common when pool water is dirty. However, when pool chlorine levels are too high, the water may burn skin and eyes. Therefore, maintaining an ideal chlorine level in the pool is imperative, and this is accomplished with water testing and the addition of chemicals to the pool water. You can find the best selection of pool chlorine products available through Pogue Pool Spa.

When you shop online with Pogue Pool Spa, you will find that some chemicals are designed to increase the chlorine level. Some products are designed to add a small amount of chlorine, and others will “shock” the water. Shocking the water with a chlorine treatment is recommended from time to time in order to prevent bacteria and other microbe growth from getting out of hand. While some pool chlorine products are designed to boost chlorine levels, others are designed to decrease them. These decreasing products are generally used after the pool water has been shocked. While waiting for chlorine levels to dissipate after a shock treatment is one option, many pool owners want to start swimming in their pool as soon as possible. These decreasing products can be used to make the water safe to swim in.

The fact is that between the various pool chlorine products and other types of products that you may need to purchase to maintain your pool, you will need to find an excellent resource for your pool supplies. Pogue Pool Spa offers a full range of pool supplies and maintenance products. We offer low rates on quality products, and we also have a fast and easy shopping process online. All orders are processed quickly, and we offer free shipping on most orders. In addition, our customer service representatives are available to assist you with any questions you have before you place your order.