Chemical Feeders

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When you have a swimming pool or spa, putting chemicals in your pool is an essential part of the process of maintaining your pool or spa. You might be a busy person, however, who doesn’t have the time to constantly monitor your pool’s chemical levels and put them in it manually. Luckily, there are swimming pool chemical feeders that take all the hard work out of putting chemicals in your pool because they do it for you. All you have to do is ensure that the refills are replaced periodically when they need it.

Swimming pool chemical feeders are especially ideal for large pools or spas that can be a hassle to maintain, such as ones that are found at hotels, motels, condos or other business resorts. However, they are also just as ideal for busy homeowners who travel extensively for work or simply don’t have the patience or desire to manually add chemicals to their pools. Chemical feeders do just what you would expect them to do: feed chemicals to your pool or spa when you need them to. Chemical feeders are advanced systems that monitor the amount of chlorine or bromine in your pool (depending upon which sanitizing agent you prefer to use in your pool) and then disperse small amounts of the chemical into the pool over a long period of time as it’s needed.

Chemical feeders also keep your pool’s chemical level at the point that it should be so that it doesn’t become cloudy or bogged down with algae, which them requires you to purchase specialized chemicals to kill the algae and then restore the pH balance of the pool. Chemical feeders not only make the process of sanitizing your pool easier on you in the short run, but they do so in the long run as well.

At Pogue Pool Spa, we have several swimming pool chemical feeders for you to choose from. Our feeders are designed to suit a wide variety of pool and spa sizes. Additionally, we offer replacement parts and chemical refills for all the chemical feeders we sell as well.