Calcium Hardness


GLB 71212A 15-Pound Calcium Hardness Up Pool Water Balancer

If you have been struggling to maintain a balance with your pool and spa water, you are not alone. While there are many factors that you must test on a regular basis to keep your pool and spa water in quality condition, the fact is that calcium hardness is one of the most challenging aspects of pool maintenance. Depending on the natural water that you use to fill your pool and spa, water in your area may be naturally too hard or too soft for ideal water conditions. Hardness generally refers to the presence of minerals like sodium, magnesium and calcium in the water. Rather than remove all of these minerals from the water, the goal is to balance the level of these dissolved minerals within a certain ideal range. Because of this, some pool and spa owners find that their water is regularly to high or too low with regards to hardness.

When calcium hardness is not within the ideal range, certain problems can develop, and these problems can result in costly damage for the pool owner. For example, when hardness is below the recommended level, issues like grout softening and staining can develop. This can result in the costly need to resurface the pool prematurely. When the hardness is too high, issues related to scaling in the pipes and on the surface of the pool can develop. This can also be a costly problem to contend with. Pool and spa owners should test for calcium hardness on a regular basis, and they should take steps to bring the hardness level within a recommended level. This is relatively easy to do with the right products. Through Pogue Pool Spa, you can easily find the right products for your needs. Whether your goal is to reduce the hardness or increase the hardness, you can purchase your pool maintenance supplies with ease.

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